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Industrial Solar GmbH – Your provider for solar energy supply

We provide solar energy technologies, services, and turn-key solutions to integrate renewable energy into the industrial processes.

We combine our engineering expertise with state-of-the-art technologies to use renewable sources on-site. Equipped with our reliable service, you have a more sustainable, optimized, and efficient operation. Your operation takes a step further in decarbonization and energy independence. By integrating Industrial Solar’s renewable energy-based solutions into your energy supply, you can significantly reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our renewable energy-based solutions are created with a comprehensive and innovative approach to meet your industrial energy demand.

Industry should turn towards solar energy solutions

The Challenge:

Decarbonizing the industrial sector

Did you know that the industrial sector is responsible for one-third of global energy consumption? Since industrial production is expected to grow up to 400% by 2050, the industry is estimated to become the sector that emits the most carbon dioxide and other gases unless practical solutions to prevent emissions are adapted into the industrial production processes.

Did you know that the energy demand for heating is three times higher than electricity in the industry? Currently, this demand is still met mainly by burning fossil fuels. Industrial Solar wants to change this!

The Benefit:

Creating sustainable industries​

Decarbonizing the industry is beneficial for businesses and the planet. For businesses, decarbonization has higher long-term economic benefits than relying on fossil fuels to meet their energy needs.

For the planet, decarbonizing the industry is crucial to stop climate change. Acting now to meet your industrial energy needs with Industrial Solar’s tailored and optimized solutions will contribute to creating sustainable industries.


Creating a sustainable industry with renewable energy solutions
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Our vision and mission

Our vision is to make the industry carbon-free to leave a healthy and liveable world to future generations by ending the reliance on fossil fuels. Beginning from all industry sectors, we envision solar thermal and photovoltaic solutions integrated into all aspects of life to make renewable energy the new norm.

Our mission is to contribute to the industry’s energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy through our expertise in technologies of solar energy systems.

How can you decarbonize your business with solar energy?

We invite the industry not to be a fossil fool, meaning that relying on fossil fuels and continuing business as usual in the face of climate change is indeed foolishness. Substituting fossil fuels with solar energy to decarbonize your business is possible with our technologies.

We offer you the most suitable technologies or a mix of optimized solutions tailored to help decarbonize your organization. Solutions included in our system analysis are

We help you cut energy costs by raising your awareness of energy consumption, performing energy audits, and increasing energy efficiency.

Which industries & sectors can benefit from solar energy?

Everything we consume requires energy to be produced. Some industries and processes that can benefit from the integration of renewable energy solutions are:

A wide range of temperatures from 60°C to 400°C can be provided with various technologies for various industrial energy demands. Check out our Industrial Applications page to find out more!

The importance of industrial wastewater treatment has increased in a holistic approach to energy needs. Industrial water treatment can close recyclable material loops, reduce pollution, and lower freshwater requirements. Also, these treatment systems can be powered by solar energy, which is why there is a great potential for synergy between clean water and solar energy applications. Thus, we offer practical wastewater treatment and resource recovery solutions with our sister company SolarSpring.

Since our foundation, Industrial Solar has brought many optimized and tailor-made solar energy solutions worldwide! Check out numerous projects we realized for engineering, consulting services, provision of equipment, and turnkey systems.

Let us find the most optimized solution to decarbonize your business too!


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