Image campaign “Don’t be a fossil fool!”

“Don’t be a fossil fool!” – that is the daring title of Industrial Solar GmbH’s current campaign. The goal is to prompt ‘fossil fools’, namely different sectors of industry, to rethink their consumption of fossil fuels and to change to renewable energy sources instead. The campaign started in mid-February 2021 and is run on the social media accounts Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Industrial Solar GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Industrial Solar Holding Europe AB and a leading turnkey provider of customized renewable energy solutions with the vision to decarbonize industry. With its broad portfolio of services and technologies, the company offers a diverse range of tailor-made solutions that help to reduce CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint of various industries.
The new campaign ‘Don’t be a fossil fool!’ started on February 22 and, with its bold provocation, invites all readers to reconsider their energy consumption or the kind of energy sources they use, respectively. The target group are industry owners and those having an influence on them and their choice of energy supplies their factories rely on. The campaign pictures show both in a humorous and informative way how the combustion of fossil fuels is affecting our and our planet’s lives and offer solutions on how to raise awareness and substitute fossil fuels with solar energy.

The campaign is run on the social media channels Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn in 4 different languages to reach as big a range and as many different countries and industry sectors as possible.

For those interested in actively participating in the fight against climate change, Industrial Solar offers its know-how and concrete steps and solutions that help switch to green energy sources and reduce industry’s carbon dioxide production.