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Solar energy solutions for the agriculture sector

The agriculture industry is one of the backbone industries of humanity because we are dependent on nutrition for survival. However, the agriculture sector has been having issues such as sufficient space for arable land and dramatically changing weather conditions due to climate change.

When this is the case, farmers on all scales can significantly benefit from multi-faceted solar energy solutions that are applicable to this sector. For instance, PV systems can easily provide the necessary electricity to run the operations on a farm. The combination of agricultural activities with electricity generation via photovoltaic systems is a revolutionary application known as agrivoltaics (agriphotovoltaics, agrophotovoltaics, or A-PV), which is getting more and more attention.

Integrating solar energy solutions in the agriculture sector will enable a consistent and reliable energy source while reducing carbon emissions and saving energy costs.

How can the agriculture industry benefit from solar energy solutions?

In agrivoltaics, the production of crops underneath the panels can continue as regular. In parallel, the electricity production from solar panels takes place as it does on any solar photovoltaic system. Thanks to the protection provided by the panels, many light- and heat-intolerant crops can grow optimally. Moreover, the solar panels do not interfere with the agricultural machinery, and even the domestic animals can benefit from the conditions created by the panels. The agriculture industry can use agrivoltaics to have double use for the valuable arable land and thus create harmony and mutual benefit between the land and solar energy.

Other solar energy applications for the agriculture industry

The advantages of solar energy solutions for the agriculture sector

All industrial sectors need renewable energy solutions now more than ever. The agriculture industry is no exception to this. We provide tailor-made and optimized solar energy solutions for this industry. By integrating solar energy technologies into your farm, you will:

Overall, our solar energy solutions help you take a step further in decarbonization and energy independence, which are becoming increasingly important.

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We know the importance of the farms and farmers for sustaining life on this planet, so we optimize our solutions for the land, the harvest, and the people. Industrial Solar assists you in every step with detailed engineering & care for individual needs. The agriculture industry can significantly reduce emissions and dependency on fossil fuels with Industrial Solar’s technologies. For this purpose, we offer the following services and more!

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