Chemicals Industry

Solar energy solutions for the chemicals industry

The chemical industry produces a vast range of products, from diapers to chewing gum. Many materials produced and processed in this industry support other sectors and are essential for many other products. For instance, acids for the mining industry, lubricants for machinery, pesticides in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and plastics are a few.

The chemicals industry and its processes require heat at temperatures up to 500°C. Currently, most of the emissions of the chemical industry come from burning fossil fuels to power chemical reactions. The chemicals industry can significantly reduce emissions by moving away from fossil fuels and opting for our holistic solar energy solutions to decarbonize processes such as:

Your benefits in using solar energy solutions in the chemicals industry

More than ever, all industrial sectors need renewable energy solutions. The chemicals industry is no exception, especially its energy-intensive processes and high emissions require benefitting from renewable energy solutions to reduce its impact.

We provide solar energy solutions for the chemicals industry that can easily be installed on a large scale for industrial use. By integrating solar energy technologies in your industrial plant, you take a step further in decarbonization and energy independence. With our solutions, you’ll achieve:

Our services for the chemicals industry

We combine German engineering expertise with holistic solar energy solutions to make the industry carbon-free. To this end, we offer the following services and more!

Technology mix

After assessing your needs and industry-specific requirements, we present the best ways to utilize various technologies to maximize energy yield. Typical solutions included in our system analysis are

The chemicals industry has a great potential to benefit from the combination of heat and power technologies we offer. If, for instance, a combination of Fresnel Collectors and heat pumps would meet your needs and be more advantageous, we investigate that possibility.

Check out our tailor-made and diverse solutions and technologies such as Fresnel Collectors and Heat Pumps that can greatly benefit the chemicals industry!

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