Invitation to SHIP2FAIR webinar

Industrial Solar is presenting in the webinar series organized by the R&D project SHIP2FAIR #3: How to choose the right solar thermal technology for your industrial processes.

SHIP2FAIR’s webinar series on utilising solar heat in agro-food process industries continued with its second session on innovative software to optimize businesses. This webinar series is especially interesting for industrial plant owners of the agro-food sector, companies willing to integrate solar thermal solutions in their services and the research and academic communities.

This last webinar is the perfect occasion to meet our technology providers: TVP solar and Industrial Solar. We will also have a presentation by CEA partner, in which all the technologies applied, including flat panels, evacuated tubes, parabolic throughs, etc., will be discussed in summary form. Choosing the right technology for your business is not always easy. With this webinar you will learn about the current options on solar heat technologies and how to integrate them in industrial plants through the experience of four SHIP2FAIR demonstrations sites.

In the last webinar we will also present the second leaflet of the project which will illustrate and collect the progress of the 4 demosites that will be developed throughout the project. Join us on the 17th of June at 15:00 CET to learn about all the technologies that can be applied to the agro-food sector.

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