Steam Generation for Process Heating at RAM Pharma

Solar steam and process heating for the pharmaceutical industry

We provided RAM Pharma in Sahab, Jordan, with a system solution to generate steam for process heating using solar energy. Process heat is the primary form of energy used in industrial processes. Thus, we opted for concentrating solar collectors to provide heat at the supply level in the factory steam network because Jordan has a high level of direct solar irradiation. So, a Fresnel collector was installed on the company’s warehouse roof as a process heat and steam generation solution.

RAM & path to solar steam generation

RAM Pharma was founded in 1992 in Amman, Jordan. They manufacture and sell pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical production is an energy-intensive process, so the company wanted to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and increase energy cost savings. Their system has been in operation since 2015.

System summary:

How solar steam generation for process heating works

Fresnel Collectors

Industrial Solar´s collector is a linear Fresnel reflector system that concentrates the direct sunlight on an evacuated absorber tube to generate heat at temperatures up to 400 °C. The absorber tubes can carry water or thermal oil. However, in this system, no additional heat exchangers are used since the system works to generate steam directly. The water partly evaporates in the absorber tube and is fed to buffer storage from which steam at 160 °C is now released to the company steam grid.

Steam Drum

Support with steam drum and storage

In this system, the steam drum offers further benefits to its users. For instance, it increases the capacity (during peak demand, the boiler and drum work in parallel) and smooths the pressure fluctuations within the steam supply network.

Solar irradiation in many areas of the world provides ideal conditions for applying Fresnel collector to benefit from the sun’s power for industrial processes. Fresnel collectors utilize direct irradiation and have the highest yields in regions with high solar irradiance and generally cloudless skies. Furthermore, thermal storage solutions can balance energy output during cloudy periods.

Steam Storage Concept​

Ruth storage is used for steam accumulation. It has several functions, such as steam accumulation, pressurization, and expansion vessel. It also separates the steam from condensate.

Solar energy solutions

Solar energy solutions to decarbonize the industry are becoming increasingly important as the effects of climate change are experienced and addressed by national and international regulations. In this context, carbon-neutral process heating and cooling are becoming more and more critical for manufacturers and consumers.

Our solar steam generation for process heating project at RAM Pharma received the Outstanding Solar Projects Award from Intersolar in 2017. Check out the video!


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