Energy Concept Studies

Tailor-made solar energy solutions for your business

At Industrial Solar, we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to decarbonizing the industry, so we offer comprehensive energy concept studies to determine the best solution tailored for your needs. We understand that different sectors can use renewable energy in different processes with different temperature requirements. Therefore, we develop tailor-made solutions after finding the combination of technologies to offer you the maximum benefits and yields.

Process heat demand is a significant driver of carbon emissions and accounts for approximately 75% of the industrial energy demand worldwide. The industry needs to take decisive steps in decarbonization to achieve the transition to clean energy sources on time, particularly because the industry’s energy demand keeps growing. Industrial clients are in a race to reduce their carbon emissions and enhance sustainability values as the global action to combat climate change speeds up. Relying on fossil fuels for generating heat is not viable anymore since burning fossil fuels is harmful to the environment and the economy.

How we develop the Energy Concept Studies

The variety of renewable energy technologies can be overwhelming for industrial clients who want to invest in clean heat and energy supply. Consequently, they might get confused since they do not know which is the best alternative for their industrial site. Here Industrial Solar steps in! We are well-positioned to assist our industrial clients in defining their investment strategy regarding clean energy supply for process heat.

Various technologies are available for the decarbonization of thermal processes. Yet, different site-specific parameters and limitations need to be considered to develop an optimized solution. With our energy concept studies, we

Thus, this detailed assessment gives us a good insight into proposing the optimum solution for you. In this context, the most common KPIs we take into consideration are your energy savings (MWh), the share of renewable energy (%), the efficiency/performance ratio of the system (%), your annual cost savings, the payback period of the investment (years), and CO2 Reduction (tons/a).

The best solutions for your needs: technology mix

On the path to decarbonization and energy self-sufficiency, a holistic approach to energy needs is essential. That is precisely what we do at Industrial Solar! After assessing your needs and requirements, we present the best ways to utilize various technologies that maximize the energy yield. Typical solutions included in our system analysis are

For instance, if a combination of PV panels and heat pumps would meet your needs and bring more advantages to you, we look into that combined possibility.

After determining your needs and the possible ways to integrate solar energy solutions into your industrial processes, we round up our energy concept studies with a proposal. Then, the next step is to kickstart your journey to integrating tailor-made solar energy solutions into the industrial plant. We can implement turn-key projects with an impeccable engineering service taking its power from the German engineering expertise.​

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