Combining German engineering expertise with solar energy solutions

Industrial Solar provides engineering services and customized solar energy solutions to decarbonize the industry. After all, tailor-made energy projects require extra attention to important details. Our comprehensive engineering services also offer you more profound technical details of the project. Thus, we address all relevant uncertainties regarding system design, integration, performance, and costs.

Our engineering services​

Our international team of engineers is united with the excellence of German engineering expertise. Consisting of expert engineers, our team follows the latest developments in the solar energy world and collaborates to find optimum solutions for each client. Born in Freiburg, the sunniest region of Germany, Industrial Solar has taken its projects worldwide to clients who trust our innovative approach to solar energy technologies and seek the touch of German engineering experience and know-how.

According to international standards, we offer all different levels of engineering, from the conceptual phase to the detailed planning

In order to develop tailored solutions, our engineers explore all appropriate options to design the optimal solution for our client’s needs, for example, by:

These steps might vary depending on the scope of the project, the chosen technology, and the client’s needs.

The need for solar energy

Solar energy is abundant, accessible, and peaceful. From a global perspective, the sun blesses our Earth daily with enough solar irradiation to meet all our energy needs, though we are not there in practice yet! Nevertheless, in the last decades, various technologies benefitting from solar energy have become more advanced and more easily accessible for use, whether for small enterprises or in an industrial complex. Now everyone can benefit from solar energy more efficiently as it becomes more and more financially competitive. Additionally, many countries have announced solar energy as a key element in their energy transition plan, and new laws have come into place requiring the use of solar energy.

When solar energy is such a crucial factor in decarbonization and energy sovereignty, the various sectors that cause the most carbon emissions and pollution play an essential role in upgrading their energy supply. They cannot continue “business as usual” on a planet becoming more and more “unusual” as the impacts of climate change show in our daily lives. Solar energy, without a doubt, sheds light and shows the way for the future of our planet.

Optimized & tailor-made solutions for decarbonization

At Industrial Solar, we are committed to helping companies decarbonize their operations. Our mission is to facilitate the decarbonization of the industry and contribute to the energy transition toward a sustainable planet. We are responsive to the changing global energy demand and offer customized and tailored solutions to customers worldwide with our comprehensive services.​

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