Solar technology installation made easy

Among the services we offer, installation is the step that completes the turnkey project. In project implementation, you receive a well-rounded installation service after the energy concept studies and engineering phases. We can install all the technologies we offer. The installations are conducted with high standards following safety, health, and environmental measures and requirements. The Industrial Solar team is experienced with on-site facilities at various geographies, conditions, and roof types.

PV Installations

Our expert engineers design photovoltaic systems with the highest standards and optimize them for maximum efficiency. Our qualified installation teams implement the system with utmost care and professionalism.

Photovoltaic systems can typically be installed on a large scale in any building, from existing facilities to newly constructed or renovated (retrofitted) establishments.

Industrial Solar guarantees quality, high yields, and the long life of your solar system installation by

The installations can be made on flat, tilted, and green roofs as long as the structure is load-bearing and stable.

Fresnel Collector Installations

Fresnel Collectors are the flagship technology of Industrial Solar. It is a linear concentrating solar thermal collector optimized for industrial applications and can provide heat up to 400°C and generate process steam directly. Also, due to its lightweight and modular design, the system can be dimensioned from 500 kW to 30 MW. Once installed by our team with the help of qualified contractors, the collector system operates safely with minimum human intervention.

When implementing a solar energy system in the industry, the available area is often the primary decision factor. Industrial Solar is one of the first companies to develop an innovative and cost-efficient solution for the rooftop integration of Fresnel solar collectors to overcome area constraints, as long as the existing structure bears the system load. The possibility of rooftop implementation allows clients to preserve the ground space for potential expansions, saving a limited ground area for other uses.

Integration on inclined rooftops

For inclined roofs, the substructure and grating used to be challenging before. However, we further simplified the building integration of Fresnel solar concentrators. We developed a new feature that integrates lightweight and cost-efficient walkways and gratings directly into the structure of the LF-11 Fresnel Collector. Thus, the number of interfaces to the customer’s roof is further reduced.

Expertise in Technology Mix

After assessing the requirements and energy needs in detail, we present the best ways you can harness solar energy. Sometimes this is achieved by deploying a mix of technologies. For instance, if a combination of PV modules and heat pumps would be more advantageous for you, we will investigate that possibility together and install the system accordingly. Typical technology solutions we offer are

All installations are carried out with high safety measures and requirements.


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