The energy need, challenges, and solutions

Have you ever thought about possible solutions to the impacts of energy consumption on almost every aspect of existence on this planet? Everything we use requires energy to be produced. In the 2021 World Energy Outlook report, the International Energy Agency – IEA estimated that the global energy demand would increase 47% in the next 30 years because of population and economic growth. The industrial sector is also estimated to grow to cater to the needs of a growing number of consumers and expanding economies. However, this brings up various financial and environmental challenges.

Unless energy-intensive production processes integrate renewable energies into their systems, the industry will continue to be one of the main ones responsible for greenhouse gas emissions and their associated global warming effects.

Yet, we have the tools and determination to stop that from happening. By turning to solar energy solutions, your industrial plant can face the challenges caused by energy dependency on fossil fuels and contribute to a more sustainable way of doing business while reducing costs and carbon emissions. To keep producing, we cannot rely on fossil fuels – we need to benefit from clean, accessible, and peaceful resources like solar energy. Furthermore, the renewable energy demand is estimated to have the most significant growth in the coming decades.

Optimized with technology mix

We offer various solutions combined with the best possible technologies. Thus, we help you meet various energy needs with renewable sources.

Steam is the most common heat transfer medium in the industry. Our Fresnel collector is optimized for solar steam generation and can be easily integrated into existing heat networks.

In addition to conventional consumption, the increasing electromobility & electrification of processes mean that electricity demand rises rapidly. We realize photovoltaic systems for self-consumption and grid feeding for industrial and commercial clients.

Low-temperature heat (<100°C) is required for numerous industrial processes and space heating. We develop and implement optimized solutions for heating needs, especially with solar thermal collectors and/or heat pumps.

The IEA expects global cooling demand to double by 2040. We offer efficient cooling solutions, including absorption chillers, coupling of heat pumps, and thermal storage, that help our clients reduce their energy costs.

Industrial wastewater treatment is becoming increasingly important to close recycling loops, reduce pollution, and lower freshwater requirements. With the membrane distillation technology of our sister company SolarSpring, we offer an effective solution with minimal operating costs.

Solutions: renewable, scalable, and capable

The industry needs a constant supply of energy to keep operations going. At Industrial Solar, we offer solutions for renewable energy supply in the industry that can cover a significant share of this demand. We provide a range of renewable solutions utilizing scalable solar technologies and allow clients to increase their energy sovereignty. They reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and move towards a sustainable way of doing business.

How to reach optimized and tailor-made solar energy solutions?

We offer you solutions to provide heat, cooling, electricity, and more to cut your energy costs by raising your energy consumption awareness, performing energy audits, and increasing energy efficiency. An optimized mix of solutions can easily be integrated to help your business become more sustainable and energy independent.

Suppose you want to begin decarbonizing your business today. In that case, Industrial Solar can provide you with a customized energy concept study to assess your energy use and demand. As a result, you receive a comprehensive evaluation indicating the most optimized solution that fits your energy demand. We make the solutions clear, accessible, and easy to integrate into existing systems!

Let us find the right solution for you!​