Successful Partner Training Workshop at Industrial Solar

Industrial Solar announces the successful conclusion of its first international partner training workshop, held from 16 to 20 October in Freiburg. This unique event brought together Industrial Solar’s valued partners from various countries for a transformative week of learning and collaboration.

The recently concluded workshop held at Industrial Solar’s headquarters in Freiburg, Germany, from 16 to 20 October was a big success. The first-of-its-kind event was booked quickly. This time, partners Konus Icesa S.A. from Brazil, Turbo Control from Mexico, Wahj Sustainable Solutions from Saudi Arabia, Dabussia from Libya, AGN Engineering & Contracting Co. from Jordan, and representing Australia attended the training workshop. Further workshops will be held to welcome more partners from various locations around the world. The event underscores the collective commitment to global cooperation in advancing solar energy projects. During the intensive five-day program, participants immersed themselves in hands-on training, lively discussions, and practical exercises, focusing on the assembly and applications of Industrial Solar’s LF-11 Fresnel Collector.

Rich training content

The workshop promoted technical excellence and highlighted the pivotal role of international collaboration in tackling critical energy needs. By harnessing the diverse knowledge and expertise of participants representing varied geographical regions, the event emphasized the global significance of solar energy in addressing the world’s energy demands.

The workshop featured an array of enriching experiences, including:

Enthusiastic testimonials from participants

The diverse representation at the workshop provided a unique platform for cross-cultural interactions and for establishing a global network of solar energy professionals. Partners left the workshop with advanced technical skills and a broader perspective on the potential of solar energy in addressing global energy challenges. Sergio Herrera, a partner from Turbo Control in Mexico, shared his enthusiasm: “This workshop allowed us to work hands-on with Industrial Solar’s Fresnel Collector. After this week, I am even more motivated to create a sustainable and brighter future together.”

Christian Zahler, Managing Director of Industrial Solar, confirms the successful completion of this international solar workshop: “These last few days represent a significant step toward expanding solar energy projects worldwide in collaboration with our local partners. The workshop exemplified the importance of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous learning, reinforcing our dedication to equipping our partners with the knowledge they need to advance the adoption of Fresnel Collectors in their local industries.”