Fresnel Collector

Fresnel Collector LF-11: Concentrating sunlight for industrial process heat

Are you looking for a robust and equally scalable solar energy solution? If yes, then the Fresnel Collector LF-11 might be the answer! The Fresnel Collector is a linear concentrating solar thermal collector optimized for industrial applications. It can provide heat up to 400°C and operate with pressures up to 120 bars. Besides being operated with pressurized hot water and thermal oil, it can also generate solar steam directly. Also, due to its lightweight and modular design, the system can be scaled up from 500 kW to 30 MW.

How does a Fresnel Collector work?

In essence, direct solar radiation is reflected on several rows of single-axis tracking mirrors onto a stationary receiver. This receiver consists of a secondary reflector and a highly efficient vacuum tube with selective coating. The heat is subsequently collected in this absorber tube. The heat is then supplied to the industrial processes via a heat transfer medium. Additionally, the secondary reflector increases the collector’s optical efficiency. It also protects the absorber tube.

The LF-11 Fresnel collector uses high-quality components from the concentrating solar power industry. These are components such as safety glass mirrors and thermally efficient vacuum absorber tubes. As a result, the collector operates safely and with minimum human intervention. The highest yields from the solar resource are thus guaranteed.

What are the advantages of the Fresnel Collector?​

All in all, the benefits of Fresnel Collectors are threefold: financial, operational, and environmental. In an industrial operation, Fresnel Collectors help you save money and reduce emissions. Consequently, you can take a step further to carbon-free production as well as self-sufficiency. Some of the advantages of Fresnel collectors, for instance, are

Industrial applications of Fresnel Collectors​

Our flagship Fresnel Collector technology provides heat up to 400°C. It also generates steam for industrial use of renewable energy.

For instance, some industries and processes that can benefit from Industrial Solar’s Fresnel Collectors are:

Overall, Fresnel Collector technology can provide low and medium-range temperatures for various industrial energy demands in the long run.

Innovative & cost-efficient solution for rooftop integration of Fresnel solar collectors

When implementing a solar energy system in the industry, the area available is often the primary decision factor. As a matter of fact, Industrial Solar is one of the first companies to install concentrating solar process heat systems onto rooftops. Thus, overcoming general area constraints. The possibility of rooftop implementation allows clients to preserve the ground space for potential expansions. It can save already a limited ground area for another use. For example, suitable areas start from 1500 m² as a reference for a system with 500 kW of thermal capacity.

Integration on inclined rooftops​

For inclined roofs, the substructure and grating used to be challenging before. However, we further simplified the building integration of Fresnel solar concentrators. Actually, we developed a new feature that integrates lightweight and cost-efficient walkways and gratings directly into the structure of the LF-11 Fresnel Collector. Thus, the number of interfaces to the customer’s roof is further reduced. At the same time, weight and cost are minimized. The walkways consist of stiff and lightweight sheet metal platforms with an anti-slip surface. Furthermore, different configurations are available depending on specific site conditions and solar field sizes. Additionally, handrails, skirting, and further add-ons can be integrated as well. Hence, the cost and weight of the required substructure can thus be reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional structures.

Fresnel collector ground usage efficiency
Fresnel collector
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